Serving thinkers and builders.

The Law Office of Stephanie Adams, PLLC (LOSA) is set up to serve professionals creating culture: educators, record-keepers, writers, designers, artists, trade workers, developers, and contractors.  

Lead attorney Stephanie "Cole" Adams' professional experience is both broad and focused, combining intellectual property, contract, business, not-for-profit, education, construction, and communications with a basis of constitutional and municipal law.  With that foundation, our affiliated attorneys augment this experience with niche practices of their own.  This focused firm is designed to augment your work, providing legal experience and project management skills when needed.

The LOSA's approach to client service is informed by Cole's years working as an associate attorney at a firm focused on municipal law (including canal law), then at a boutique firm for internet law, then as a partner in a firm working in the areas of intellectual property, construction, education, and general practice, and finally, by over a decade of service as in-house counsel at Niagara University. 

Drawing on this extensive and diverse experience, the LOSA bases its practice in hard work, client collaboration, and the joy of exhaustive research.  The LOSA is designed to make the law a pathway, not a barrier, to productivity.  If you seek an experienced attorney with a great support team and excellent affiliated counsel to protect your vision, face a challenge, or realize a project, the LOSA might be right for you.


See it. Build it.  Work it.


Admitted to practice law in:

New York State

Western District of New York,

Northern District of New York

The work

The LOSA was created to meet the needs of creative, dynamic people and businesses.   Crafting advice through consultations, site visits, thorough research, the LOSA uses a strategic approach informed by enterprise risk management (which is basically taking an honest look at things, and planning ahead). We offer services from contract drafting, to representation in litigation, to collaborative problem-solving.

Whether you need to start a business, design a project, or construct a parkway, the Law Office of Stephanie Adams, PLLC can be a vital partner.  With modular services designed to quickly answer questions, provide routine advice, or collaborate on deeply-embedded strategic input, LOSA's services can be tailored to meet your precise needs.

This unique model, offering everything from FAQ collaboration, contract development, to a "General Counsel Simulator" (allowing organizations to test operating with a GC model), is born of lead attorney Stephanie Cole Adams' extensive experience as both a boutique attorney and in-house counsel.


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