Case update: David Saunders and the 198

[NOTE:  Legal services are confidential unless your client authorizes you to talk about them.  My client has authorized discussion of the general issues in this case, for purposes of promoting awareness and discussion!]

This week, Plaintiff David Saunders' case, claiming that the City of Buffalo still owns and controls parts of the 198 (and that because of that, among other things, he should be able to ride his bike on the road), was served on the City and the NYSDOT.

David is taking on this fight because he loves his City.  He is personally opposed to the separation of neighborhoods, and the destruction of parkland, caused by the 198.  He has also done his research, and knows that the 198 is not really an "expressway" (under NY state law)--something that has implications for the State's current plans to expand the road.

When people look back on the destruction of the Humboldt Parkway and Delaware Park in the 50's and 60's, they wonder if there was anything that could have been done to stop the devastation.  David is making sure future generations don't have to ask that question.