Why #RightToBike?

My client David Saunders has sued the NYSDOT and the City of Buffalo for the right to ride his bike on any road in Delaware Park...including the notorious "198."

What fool would want to bike that road?  In WINTER?

My client is no fool. He's a Buffalo native who loves his City.  He has read old newspapers, old Common Council proceedings, old laws...he knows that the soil under the 198 should be governed by Buffalo, not the NYSDOT.  And he's a fighter.

What is he really fighting for?  It's simple: Delaware Park was meant to be a place where a person can ride their bike.  It was meant to be place where adults gather, and children play.  It was created as a place held in trust, for past, current, and future generations of our city.

My client is no fool, but he is a dreamer.  He dreams of a Buffalo reunited.  He dreams of a park restored.  And he bases that dream on a simple assertion: he is #RightToBikeDelawarePark.