So [non-fiction writer] you want to write a book?

The LOSA is participating in the Buffalo History Museum's series for local non-fiction authors!

So You Want to Write a Book? Navigating the Non-Fiction Publishing Process is a four-week publishing workshop (on Saturdays), where "local librarians, authors, publishers, and those who have navigated the process will share their knowledge on best practices and lessons learned."

Together with the BHM's Library Director, Cynthia VanNess, and Buff State's Archivist & Special Collections Librarian, Dan Dilandro, LOSA firm member/owner Stephanie Adams will present the first session "Copyrights and Copywrongs," covering permissions, intellectual property, and the anatomy of a book.

The next 3 sessions cover proper citation (a must in this un-cited age), staying on track (unblock your road), and a meeting with publishers (learn what it takes to get published).

Good topic, good people.

Register here.