The LOSA Office is moving! ...about 50 feet.

With the addition of 2 attorneys and another member of our core staff, the LOSA is bursting at the seams.  So, we are moving to a larger space in our building!

The new LOSA will have not only our trademark collaboration space, but three rooms for confidential consultations.  This work-share space model, honed to fit the ethics of the legal profession, promotes collaboration, creativity and confidentiality.  And it's right next to a record store.

So, walk past the retail windows on the south side of 363 Grant Street sometime after June 1, and here is what you'll see:

Our staging table centering the LOSA training center and workshare space at the front of the building;

Our three themed consultation rooms, designed to honor the three corners of our practice: creativity, information, and construction.

Our central coordination "Bridge" where our office team will support the LOSA mission to help our clients see it, build it, and work it.