Mandatory Sexual Harassment Training: An Opportunity for Your Company

The word is out: every employer must have a sexual harassment policy by this October, and must provide annual, mandatory training.

For many, "mandatory training" may seem like another costly obligation, even if the topic is worthy.  But what if a training about harassment could focus on using respect and inclusion to promote not only legal compliance, but a healthy and thriving workplace culture?

The LOSA offers custom trainings that not only help clients meet the newest requirements, but work with leadership to examine workplace culture, and draw out and enhance what is best.

Based on a client's unique identity, the LOSA uses role-play, understanding of industry and company history, and sometimes even improvisation to not only teach the law, but let attendees practice following it.  Goals for company communication style, esprit de corps, and healthy workplace can be added to the mix.

You can contact the LOSA team to explore this option.  Silicon Valley wishes it had access to a training like this!