Ethics Through Wellness

The LOSA wishes you a joyous and strong New Year.

To kick off 2019, on January 12th, the law office will host an event on two topics we’re really passionate about: ethics, and self-care.

This 2.5-hour workshop will teach attorneys to use simple, accessible yoga techniques to combat the stress and lack of focus that can cause ethics problems and professional burnout.

Led by certified (and awesome) yoga instructor Kelly Tripp, we’ll explore techniques for connecting to the moment, confronting difficult truths, and moving through stressful times.

With attendees practicing these simple techniques right on the spot, LOSA Attorneys Stephanie Adams and Jessica Keltz will take the group through recent ethics decisions from the NYSBA.

Sponsored by the Women’s Bar Association, but open (and valuable) to all genders.

Attendees should wear comfortable and moveable clothes. To register, visit: