2019 Green Code Platform

2019 Green Code Platform 

Each councilmember will be asked to commit to supporting:

 PLANK 1: The Councilmember commits to uphold the City of Buffalo Comprehensive Plan and the spirit and intent of the Green Code.

PLANK 2: The Councilmember will work with developers to send at least three week’s written notice to Block Clubs and community organizations within their district, and within 4 blocks of any project requiring a variance or major site plan review.

PLANK 3: The Councilmember commits to not announcing support of projects until the developers have conducted a well-advertised, open “listening session” with impacted neighbors and community organizations.

PLANK 4: The Councilmember will support requests to the Zoning Board of Appeals and the Planning Board to revise their routine meeting scripts to include introductions of each member, a review and explanation of agenda items,

PLANK 5: The Councilmember will support larger and more accessible space for Zoning Board of Appeals and Planning Board meetings.

PLANK 6: The Councilmember will champion a requirement that recordings of ZBA and Planning Board meetings be posted within 24 hours of the meeting, ending the needed to make time-consuming FOIL requests for public proceedings open to the public.

PLANK 7: The Councilmember will support the creation of a “Buffalo Neighborhood Development Advocate” to assist residents with understanding proposed developments, and with conveying questions and concerns to appropriate authorities, in a timely manner.