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The Law Office of Stephanie Adams, PLLC, offers services in a range of issues, including:

Representation during employment investigations

Representation during student disciplinary proceedings, and related concerns

Training for sexual harassment prevention and general legal compliance

Services for not-for-profit and business operations

Real Property and design-related matters

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If you do not have a standing agreement with a LOSA attorney, an "initial consult" may be the appointment type for you.  If you have a current letter of engagement or retainer agreement, a "current client" appointment might be for you.

A meeting with Stephanie Adams

A meeting with Stephanie Adams

Schedule a new client meeting with Stephanie Adams.

Schedule a current client meeting with Stephanie Adams.


Schedule a new client meeting with Sallie.

If you've been a client of Sallie in the past, and have a new matter, a new client meeting is a good way to re-connect.

A meeting with Jessica Keltz.

A meeting with Jessica Keltz.

Schedule a new client appointment with Jessica.

Schedule a housing consultation with Jessica.