The LOSA Team

Our team grows as the office evolves.


Helping the work flow.

Maureen Chapman, Office Coordinator.

Maureen joined the LOSA team in October, 2017.  An accomplished arts event organizer, Mo brings a wealth of communication, development, and operational skills to the Office.


Working for people.

Sara Loviza, Assistant and Paralegal

Sara joined the LOSA team in May, 2018.  Sara is an experienced paralegal with significant experience supporting litigation, assisting with wills and trusts, and closing real estate transactions.   Just as important, she is a true listener and helper to clients and staff alike.


Illustrating history.

Jessica Johnson, Research & Narrative Law Clerk

Jessica joined the LOSA team in March, 2018.  With a B.A. in history and M.A.. in museum studies, she helps our attorneys bring history to life.


Billing and accounting.

Garrett Adams helps the LOSA generate bills and track expenses.  He joined the LOSA by default when he married Stephanie Adams.