First-time consultations



If your needs are within the office's scope of practice, and you want to see if we're a good fit, or just pick our brains...the bottom line is this: if you're new, it's $200.00 for a consultation, paid up front.  We'll schedule an appointment to meet in person or over the phone, and we'll probably ask you to send some paperwork in advance.  Our meeting will be up to one hour, and you will get a written summary of the points we discussed.

If you retain the LOSA, you'll get a letter that sets out the "scope of service" (what's being handled for you), the billing rates, the amount required to pay in advance (the "retainer"), and your rights and responsibilities as a client.  We bill on a monthly basis, and work with you to find the best way to maximize the resources you expend on legal representation.  

Every aspect of the process is confidential, and governed by the ethics of the legal profession. 

CALL (716) 464-3386 or EMAIL (716) 464-3386 TO ARRANGE A CONSULTATION.