LOSA for Librarians


Librarians curate information...

...and are the guardians of our culture.


LOSA lead attorney Stephanie Adams combines experience with municipal law, intellectual property, education law, and employment law, to serve the needs of public and private libraries.

"I was hired as a page at the New Hartford Public Library in 1989.  Under the guidance of the excellent staff there, I learned the value of a public library.   

In law school, I focused on constitutional law and intellectual property, and interned at the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund, a First Amendment organization. My first associate position was for Dan Seaman’s office in Lockport, representing villages and towns. And I worked with education law, employment law, copyright, and real property law during my time at Niagara University.  

Now, as part of my practice, I support the work of librarians and archivists both as clients, and through the "Ask the Lawyer" service offered by Library Councils throughout New York State. 

Librarians and archivists are the guardians of democracy and culture, and it is an honor to work with them. "  --Stephanie Adams  

Examples of this work may be seen at:

The Western New York Library Resource Council

The Rochester Regional Library Resource Council

The Southeastern New York Library Resource Council

The Northern New York Library Network

If your library or archives seeks legal services, please reach out for a consultation.