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Parking behind the building...

...or on Grant or Potomac.


Finding the Office

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Suite #1, 363 Grant Street, Buffalo, NY

Whether you come off the I-190, or walk from the interior of the city, your final approach to the Office is the corner of Potomac Avenue and Grant Street. Parking, and accessible parking, are in the lot behind the building, designated by our logo. 

If you have an appointment, we'll save a spot for you; enter the lot from Grant, drive down the alley, and park in the spot marked by our logo.  There are also bike racks, and we are on the bus route.  If you are committed to biking on even the hottest of days, we have AC, powered by the coolness of the earth (geothermal).

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Contact Us

Visiting an office for the first time can require more intel, accommodations, or clarity.  Send any questions about your visit here, or just give us a call.

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