The Office Space

The space at The Law Office of Stephanie Adams, PLLC, is designed to enhance the high-trust, collaborative experience of working with an attorney.  Located in the innovative Siano Building, the Office is an all-modes-of-mobility-accessible space, incorporating re-used materials, and universal design.  The Training Space can host meetings, brainstorming sessions, strategic planning, risk assessment, crisis response, and trainings, while our 3 private conference rooms host classic consultations.  It is also pretty easy to get to.  


A space designed

to work.

a seat at the table...or the floor

The Work Room, centered on a table by local craftspeople at Reclaimed Innovations, LLC, is designed to host collaboration, creativity, and strategy.  It accommodates seated, standing, and moving meetings.  If you need different accommodations, please just let us know in advance.


Private consultations

The Consultation Room is designed for traditional attorney consultation: quiet, simple, and accessible.  



Moving meetings

Does moving help you think?  Are you trying to get in all your steps, or do you just need to stretch your back for an hour? Request a walking or moving meeting.  Notes are sent after this type of meeting, at no extra charge.


We also make house calls.

Sometimes, you just need to be there.