The Window of Windows.


Reduce.  Re-use.  Recycle.


LOSA staff with Kevin Hayes (blue) Ian MacDonald (red), creators of the Window of Windows.


We needed a reception Window...

When the LOSA moved to our new space in June, 2018, we planned a big training and work-share space in the front, but we still needed a reception area with controlled access for confidentiality.  How could we create something functional, beautiful, and affordable?  A design challenge!  

The solution: the "Window of Windows."  Working with the craftsmen at Re-Use Action, we said: "We want a window...made out of windows.  At least one part should be able to open, so we can welcome clients, and pass documents back and forth.  It can be a bit opaque at the top, but needs clear site lines to the front door."

What we got is...functional art.  Kevin and Ian created an assemblage in three columns, arranged so our staff can easily see into the training space, with a multi-paned door on brass hinges.  Every scrap and every pane is reclaimed. 

From the teardrop glass to the old glass chessboard piece, the LOSA reception "Window of Windows" is like a well-constructed contract: using the best of what's worked in the past, arranged and assembled to meet the needs of the present.

A good designer listens to your needs and works to meet them.  A good lawyer does the same.  Stop by to see.