"Of Counsel"

It is an ongoing goal of the LOSA to create "of counsel" relationships with attorneys whose experience and values align with the Office.  This helps us serve our creative, hard-working clients, and occasionally allows us to take a vacation!  Here is our (strategically growing) roster. 


Sallie Randolph, Of Counsel

Sallie focuses her practice on issues impacting writers and other artists.  She uses her experience as a published author and attorney to "help writers get the last word."


Jessica Keltz, OF COunsel

Jessica focuses her practice on helping people work with their government.  Housing access, regulatory concerns, municipal law...more than anything, Jessica sees her role as a lawyer as solving problems. Whether its a letter from the city, a notice from your landlord, a planning board to convince, or a civic organization to build, Jessica can help you determine your goals and plan your next steps.