The Siano Building...

....built for Buffalo.


Building a better buffalo

"The Siano Building" at 363 Grant Street, Buffalo, was built through a combination of community investment, innovation, and personal grit of the owners, Chris and Matt Siano (HSProperties, I, LLC).

Designed by architect John Wingfelder, this new building features a level of detail and thought consistent with Buffalo's architectural legacy, but looking to the future.

The Law Office of Stephanie Adams, PLLC was proud to be the first official tenant of this new contribution to Buffalo's bustling West Side.  We strive to be a "least paper" office, to recycle (our tables are built from recycled gym floor and bowling alley), and to help clients factor sustainable practices into planning for the future.


Clients visiting the Law Office will be able to see the geothermal pipes that, from a depth of 200 feet below the building, heat and cool the structure year-round.  

Geothermal heating/cooling is an expensive system to install, with return on investment happening over decades.  

The Law Office of Stephanie Adams, PLLC, is proud to support an innovative energy source that looks to the future (and to not have a gas bill).